Mother Giving Others Hope And Directions

April 7, 2011 5:54 PM


MIAMI LAKES (CBS4) – Mercy Palacios is moving mountains for her son Matthew and inspiring others to try to do the same.

“I’m going to go up that mountain with my child. If I have to carry him, I’m going to carry him,” Mercy said.

Matthew was born with spina bifida. His spinal cord is not fully formed, so he’s confined to a wheelchair.

“As he grew, I started to notice he wasn’t able to use the playground like the other children.”

So Mercy decided to make sure Matthew had somewhere to play. She knocked on doors, called local politicians, and even held bake sales.

Three-hundred-thousand dollars later, the Matthew Palacios Playground was built. It’s equipped with special turf and wide ramps to make it easy for chilren in wheelchairs like Matthew, to use.

CBS4’s Vanessa Borge spoke with the Palacios about their story two months ago when she interviewed Mercy for the first issue of Directions Magazine, which is geared toward parents of special needs children.


Orestes Vega, the creator and publisher of Directions, said the magazines mission is inspired by Orestes’ own life.

“My two sons have ADHD and right now they’re being treated for it,” Orestes said.

The free bi-monthly magazine gives useful information on resources, services, and organizations that can guide families in need.

“It gives them a direction and that’s the gist of the magazine,” Orestes said.

It’s stories like the Palacios that make Directions magazine important for families with special needs and gives them another push up the mountain.

“This magazine can be that tool we need to help when we are climbing that mountain and let me tell you isn’t the view more beautiful from the very top,” Mercy said.

The Matthew Palacios Playground is located at 6411 NW 162nd St in Miami Lakes.

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